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Performing research and development for nanobubblers applications. 

Providing nanobubblers for various applications:

  • Enhanced ultrasound imaging due to increased reflection of the sound waves (MEDICAL).
  • Enhanced tumor ultrasound imaging (MEDICAL).
  • Extraction of oil in the oil recovery process by in situ downhole CO2 flooding (OIL INDUSTRY).
  • Nucleation of crystals (SCIENCE).
  • Surge dissipation in pumped like systems having long liquid pipelines (OIL INDUSTRY).
  • Algal biofuel production (AGRICULTURE).
  • Waste water aeration (WASTEWATER REMEDIATION).
  • Ozone dosing for strong oxidation and disinfection (FOOD INDUSTRY).
  • Flotation separation (suspended matter, colloids, emulsions, etc.) (OIL & WASTEWATER INDUSTRIES).
  • Gas-liquid scrubber in common chemical reactions (ENVIRONMENT CLEANING).
  • Oxidization of oxygen depleted water (ENVIRONMENT CLEANING).
  • Rapid humidification in the salinization plants (WATER INDUSTRY).
  • Improved heat transfer and vaporization promotion (ENERGY)
  • Biomedical applications such as protein separation and cells activation (MEDICAL).
  • Degradation of viscosity (COSMETICS AND PHARMACUETICALS).
  • Improvement of shrimp/fishery industries (FOOD INDUSTRY).
  • Soil preservation and aeration (AGRICULTURE).