Nanobubbler suggested installation​

TRUE Nanobubbles in Motion (using horiba viewsizerTM 3000)


Using Nanobubbling LLC ( genuine gas nanobubbler.

Filmed utilizing Horiba ViewSizerTM 3000.

Field of view 160 micrometer x 190 micrometer.

size dependency of the concentration of nanobubbles

The generation of nanobubbles are made by vigorous mixing of gas and water and generally produce bubbles with a wide range of bubble diameters. Small bubbles when generated have a higher concentration than large bubbles. Nanobubbles are generated at the highest density.



A comparision of Nanoveritas porous ceramic nanobubblers and other existing methods of producing nanobubbles

our genuine nanobubbler is proven to be superior to other nanobubblers systems

Please compare the results of concentration and size of our gas nanobubbles (oxygen) on the left with the chart on the right, showing that the oxygen nanobubbles we create in water are indeed nanobubbles with respect to the concentration and size. 

Furthermore, the results on the left side show that the nanobubbles concentration and size are the same during a period of three months after the nanobubbling process was implemented. 


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