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Dr. Zvi Yaniv, President/CEO at Advanced Technology Generator
Author of My Life on the Mysterious Island of Nanotechnology

Dr. Yaniv, as the former President of Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc. and the Chief Executive Officer of its subsidiary, Applied Nanotech, (1996-2014), has been instrumental in guiding the company to become a pioneer in nanotechnology in a variety of fields, such as electron field emission from carbon films/carbon nanotubes for display applications, nanocomposites, inks and pastes for the printed electronics industry, thermal management materials, sensors, and large outdoor electronic displays.

Dr. Zvi Yaniv was a founder of Kent Display Systems in Kent, Ohio, the "no-power" reflective LCD Company and of Optical Imaging Systems, Inc. (OIS) in Troy, Michigan. As President and CEO of OIS, he led the company during its years of development and in the initial commercialization of advanced active matrix liquid crystal displays and amorphous silicon image sensors. While at OIS, Dr. Yaniv was one of the founders of Unipac, presently AU Optronics, one of the premier display companies in the world.

He has received awards from both universities and the Scientific Research Society. Dr. Yaniv is a member of the boards of directors of the Texas Nanotechnology Initiative, the Texas Israel Chamber of Commerce, the Nanotechnology Advancement Center and the Society for Information Display (SID). In May 1989, Dr. Yaniv was elected Fellow of the Society for Information Display for "his innovation and leadership in the development of large area high performance active matrix LCDs and scanners." He has published over 300 articles, holds more than 300 patents and has extensive contacts in the US, Europe, Israel and the Far East.

Mr. Igor Goldman

More than 25 years of experience in engineering, project development and operations. Experienced in systems design and assembly, project analyses, management and operations. Created several successful international endeavors from idea to exit. Highly experienced in international business relations. Igor is an inventor and patents holder.

Advisory Board

Dr. Jeff LaMour (MD)

​Dr. Jean Woloszko (MD, PhD)

Dr. Esther Yaniv (MD)

Dr. Royce Johnson (PhD)

Accomplished innovation expert with deep expertise in market research and consumer-centric technology development. Track record of driving multimillion-dollar growth by transforming existing and creating new markets; redesigning business models; and leading demand-driven breakthrough product innovations. Persistent, creative, scientific, and strategic in identifying demand landscapes and innovating responsive, high-value solutions fully aligned with customer culture, business intent, and organizational competencies.


▪ Innovation Management
▪ DisruptiveOpportunity Discovery
▪ Stage-gate, DIG, ODI, Design Think
▪ Systems Engineering

▪ User-Centered Design
▪ Technology Intelligence
▪ Customer Systems & Usability
▪ Innovation Skill Development


Performing research and development for nanobubblers applications. 

Providing nanobubblers for various applications:

  • Enhanced ultrasound imaging due to increased reflection of the sound waves (MEDICAL).
  • Enhanced tumor ultrasound imaging (MEDICAL).
  • Extraction of oil in the oil recovery process by in situ downhole CO2 flooding (OIL INDUSTRY).
  • Nucleation of crystals (SCIENCE).
  • Surge dissipation in pumped like systems having long liquid pipelines (OIL INDUSTRY).
  • Algal biofuel production (AGRICULTURE).
  • Waste water aeration (WASTEWATER REMEDIATION).
  • Ozone dosing for strong oxidation and disinfection (FOOD INDUSTRY).
  • Flotation separation (suspended matter, colloids, emulsions, etc.) (OIL & WASTEWATER INDUSTRIES).
  • Gas-liquid scrubber in common chemical reactions (ENVIRONMENT CLEANING).
  • Oxidization of oxygen depleted water (ENVIRONMENT CLEANING).
  • Rapid humidification in the salinization plants (WATER INDUSTRY).
  • Improved heat transfer and vaporization promotion (ENERGY)
  • Biomedical applications such as protein separation and cells activation (MEDICAL).
  • Degradation of viscosity (COSMETICS AND PHARMACUETICALS).
  • Improvement of shrimp/fishery industries (FOOD INDUSTRY).
  • Soil preservation and aeration (AGRICULTURE).